Amazing facts of Minimalist Fashion to change your Shopping Habits.

How to achieve a stylish Minimalist Fashion wardrobe?

What are the perks of Minimalist Fashion?

How to have a happy & satisfied life with Minimalist Fashion?

How to save time & money with minimalist Fashion?

Hold on… Relax … I know all these questions are bothering you when it comes to adopting Minimalist Fashion. This post will help you get satisfactory answers to all your questions. It is in our nature that, before adopting a change we have questions popping into our mind. But when you get the answer that makes you understand the concept better & more likely to accept, we are much more comfortable accepting it. One should think about all aspects of Minimalist Fashion before practically adopting it.

Minimalist Fashion will relax you from inside & outside both. This is almost a life-changing event. Because Minimalist Fashion will make you more satisfied & happy. This will save you time & money. Not only all this but adopting Minimalist Fashion makes you free from guilt.

Minimalist itself means satisfying with minimum but it doesn’t mean that you just have to wear those 10 to 20 pieces of clothes & throw out all the other clothes from wardrobe but Minimalist Fashion is having only those clothes in your wardrobe which is having perfect fit, use, style, comfort & suitability. Clothes that are your favorite & make you feel beautiful & happy fix their spot on your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter with No. of clothes. Just the thing is whether you are using it from time to time or not. The number of clothes in Minimalist Fashion differs from person to person. For someone, it’s 30 or for others, it’s 40 or 60. Items from your wardrobe that are not useful can be used for donation if it is in good condition, can be sold at thrift shops, & if it is not in usable condition, you can also try to reuse those things in other ways. Process of Minimalist Fashion results in making your wardrobe more organized & filled with useful & favorite stuff.

Let’s move on to The amazing facts that push you towards Minimalist Fashion.

  • More clarity on needs & want: First & foremost be honest about what you wear & what you actually you need. You have to analyze your shopping pattern first & then check on the wardrobe. You should only buy what you really need & not what you see on some stores or on social media stars & influencers. Looking at all this makes you purchase the things which you just want but do not meet your need nor even suits you or makes you feel comfortable wearing it.
  • The formula for the best Minimalist Wardrobe: “Use + Fit + Comfort + Color” This formula will get you the best suitable outfit from your wardrobe. It also gives more clarity on styling the perfect attire. Find from your wardrobe the most used outfit. check whether it is perfectly fitted or not. Ask yourself that, is this outfit makes you feel comfortable while you wear it. last but most important, does this color pattern reflects your personality. If this combination reflects the best of you… then you are on the right path on selecting your favorite outfit each & every day. This will help you select the outfit for Minimalist Fashion.
  • Think twice before doing shopping: Minimalist Fashion Makes you realize what matters to you now, and it’s not more shopping. While doing shopping we mostly end up purchasing the outfits which attract us. Shopping habit plays a vital role in Minimalist Fashion. It does not mean you should stop shopping but it means that you should not shop for everything that you like & not going to use. Before going shopping decide what actually you need & shop accordingly. This mindset will end your random shopping habit & makes you sustain for long period without shopping.
  • Release extra burden from wardrobe, wallet & mind: Adopting Minimalist Fashion cut the clutters from your wardrobe & you will end up having only outfits which are your favorite & perfect for you. Stopping regular & unwanted shopping habits makes your wallet free from wasteful expenses & makes you monetarily stronger. Trust me, this mindset will physically remove unwanted things from the wardrobe and give peace of mind. Release you from the mental burden of thinking about outfits & shopping all the time.
  • Buy your time without paying anything in return: Minimalist Fashion saves your time, which you are wasting on searching on Instagram stores & other online stores. This will change your mindset of not always shopping randomly because it is on offer, regardless of whether you need it. Even many a times you purchase from brand stores because it is in display and you find it attractive whether you need it or not OR whether it is of your size or not OR whether it suits your style or not. You spend a lot of time in this process. Even minimalist Fashion saves your time on day to day basis when you open your wardrobe in the morning & spend hours just searching & thinking “What to wear?” or “I don’t have anything to wear”.
  • Delight yourself with only things which you love the most: Minimalist Fashion push you to think about, what are pieces in your wardrobe you love the most, you wear repeatedly & goes with your personality & style. After adopting Minimalist Fashion, you will have only those outfits & accessories which you love & fits in these three angles. This will give you immense happiness & joy while you have a look at your wardrobe because you have all the stuff which you love the most.
  • Brings out the spark of creativity: Adopting Minimalist Fashion makes you creative in matching different pieces from your wardrobe & making different looks. This will encourage your thoughts to execute & try a new version from your comfortable & favorite pieces. Creativity brings joy & happiness in life. Many times involving yourself in the creative process makes you more positive & stress-free.
  • Relieves you from Guilt: When you have burden & daily reminder of debt which you are creating by unwanted & wasteful shopping, clothes in your wardrobe which are never worn & even few clothes which is still with the price tags hanging on them brings guilt of creating debt, wasting time & increasing stress. But once you clear out the excess, so did the guilt. This makes you realize that so far you were paying enough. You have paid with your money, your time, your attention & emotions. Minimalist Fashion makes life so much easier.

Hey, I hope so this blog makes value in your life. Trust me this is the thing we realize with time. I completely agree it will not going to happen overnight but somewhere we have to start doing this. Minimalist Fashion surely brings a good & positive change in your life. I really want you to try it, once you start this journey your thought process will automatically change. Do try & share your experience.

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