How Color Theory helps to Flatter your Skin tone.

Which is the best suitable colors for my skin?

How to select colors?

Is it important to know the suitable color as per our skin tone?

All this question are always runs in mind when it comes to select the color. Colors are quite difficult when you don’t know about them. Colors are not just selecting randomly there is a thought process behind it. We need to understand it to figure out the matching of colors.

Color Wheel

In color wheel we are having 3 kinds of colors. i.e. Primary Colors, Secondary Colors & Tertiary Colors.

  • Primary Colors are Blue, Red & Yellow. Primary colors can not be made out of different colors they exist.
  • Secondary colors are made from mixing any two primary color at a time. Like,

Yellow + Blue = Green

Blue + Red = Violet

Yellow + Red = Orange

  • Tertiary Colors are the colors which fits in between the Primary & Secondary Colors.

Warmer & Cooler tone Colors:

  • Warmer tone colors : Shades of Yellow, Shades of Orange, Shades of Red & Some of the Light Green shade too.
  • Cooler tone colors : Shades of Violet, Shades of Blue, Shades of Green & also Greenish Blue.

Dark Colors in the Color Wheel is called Hue. If we dilute it with white, it is called a Tint. If we mix it instead of white with black making it a Darker shade. & If we dilute it with grey it becomes a more neutral tone.

  1. Complementary Colors: Opposite side colors on the color wheel are called Complementary Colors. The reason why it is called complementary colors is when they are put together they highlight each other. They are really very bright pairing colors. It is completely our choice to follow it, as they are so bright. Or we can stay away from selecting these combinations. It is not compulsory to wear those combinations just because they are complementary colors. You can also try pairing complementary colors by making combinations with accessories or prints.
  2. Analogous Colors: Analogous Colors are the two closest shades from the selected color. It creates really niche and simple vision. The best thing about Analogous Colors is it is not gone be too complicated to see. It looks soothing & subtle.
  3. Triadic Colors: Triadic colors are selecting three colors that are evenly placed on the color wheel. This can be really bright combination. You can also choose to wear only two of them & not the third one just to tone it down a little bit.
  4. Split Complementary Colors: Split Complementary Color is when you choose one color from one side of the color wheel & then go to its complementary color & do not choose it. But choose the ones that are closest to it. This will create a little bit less extreme combination like complementary colors. But it is still bright & if you don’t want to go for a bright shade then you can dilute it with white & grey to tone down the color & have a neutral one.
  5. Monochromatic Colors: Monochromatic is basically wearing one color in different ways. You can wear one color clothes throughout. Or you can go for one color in different shades, tint, or hue. Monochromatic is basically one color in different strains of that color.

Now, Let’s move on to identify the two contrast. There are two types of contrast Natural Contrast & Outfit Contrast. You should match your Outfit contrast level to your Natural contrast level.

  • Color Intervention:

Color Intervention is the combination of Outfit Contrast & Skin tone. You need to understand how to outfit contrast works & the most important one is Skin tone. One should go for a Skin tone test to identify the tone of your skin & which colors & metal will go best with your skin tone.

  1. Natural Contrast: The name itself means it’s natural. Natural Contrast is not in our control. It is god gifted. That is our looks, our skin, hair, eyebrow & lip color. Natural Contrast is also divided into Low, Mid & High Natural Contrast, which differs from person to person.
  2. Outfit Contrast : Outfit contrast is styling different shades of outfits. Outfit contrast is divided into two categories.

Low outfit Contrast- Which means styling complete light color or complete dark color clothes.

Where as, High outfit Contrast- Which means styling complete opposite color clothes.

If you are still confused about your style or what best suits you as per your personality, your body shape. It’s time to go for identifying the shade of your skin. Whether you are having Warmer or Cooler or Neutral Skin tone. This test will help you to understand which colors you should include as much as possible & from which colors you should make a distance.

Your Skin has two shades. First is how light or dark it is & the second is Undertone of your skin. Undertone is again divide into two which are Warmer tone & Cooler tone. This can be decide by transparency of your skin & closeness of your blood vessels to the outer layer of your skin. Identifying your skin tone is really such a fun process. So let’s get started..

  • Test – 1 Vein Test

Vein Test should be done in the day time & in good sunlight. Prefer to stand near window & have a look at your vein on your hand. If color of the vein is looking like Blue or Purple shade than you are having Cooler Skin tone. & If color of the vein is looking like Green or Olive shade than you are having Warmer Skin tone. The most important one, If you are not able to decide the color of vein exactly than you might be having Neutral skin tone.

  • Test – 2 White Paper Test

Take a white piece of paper ,preferably plain white paper. Next step is put the paper near you neckline or near your inner arm & try to match it. Now see the comparison if the sin is more yellow or more pink. If it is looking like yellow than it is Warmer skin tone & If it is looking like Pink than it is Cooler skin tone. & again If you are not able to figure out exactly than it might be Neutral skin tone.

  • Test – 3 Sun light Test

Let’s come out in the Sun light for performing this test. If your skin burns easily in the sun than you are having Cool skin tone. & If your skin is getting tan easily in the sun than you are having Warm skin tone. Lastly, If your skin is not getting much affected in the sun than you might be Neutral Skin tone.

Let’s have some styling suggestion according to your skin tone.

  • Cooler Skin Tone :

If you have found out with the above test that you are having Cooler skin tone than outfits of the colors like White, Fuchsia, Blue, Magenta, Violet, Coco Blue, Cool Green, Purple will look amazing on you. Also Silver Metal Jewelry goes best with Cooler skin tone.

  • Warmer Skin Tone :

If you have found out with the above test that you are having Warmer skin tone than outfits of the colors like Ivory, Salman, Hazel, Orange, Camel, Red, Yellow, Peach, Leafy Green will look astounding on you. Also Gold Metal Jewelry goes best with Warmer skin tone.

  • Neutral Skin Tone :

If you have come to the conclusion that you are not having Cooler & Warmer Skin tone than its Neutral Skin tone. Don’t worry Neutral is not bad at all. It is awesome to have it. Neutral means you can wear any color you want. All colors suits you well. It will be just awesome on you. Even you can also play well with Gold & Silver both Jewelry.

Hey, I hope you all will try this test & understand this color wheel. I have tried to help in color & metal suitability too. You should go and flaunt with amazing colors of your suitability & style the best of your version. If you still find any issues or you are successfully able to recognize your skin tone & liking it than do comment on the comment box below.

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